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July Member Spotlight

Jim Walter – Director of Sales & Marketing

Visit Cheyenne – RMPCMA Member since 2013

What have you found to be most beneficial as a member of RMPCMA?  This industry has some of the best people in the world. I’ve met life-long friends through my work with RMPCMA. Those friends have helped me learn more about the industry, helped me realize my potential and encouraged me through the great days and the bad days. It’s an amazing group of the best professionals in the region, and even better people.

What advice would you give a person just entering this profession?  You must be a people person. Especially in the DMO world. I tell my staff that at the end of the day, our job is to make sure people who visit Cheyenne have experiences that create memories that last a lifetime. If you can’t enjoy working with people, you should probably find another profession.

How did you get in this business & what attracted you to this business?  Like many in the Destination Marketing world, I didn’t go to college to do this. Fortune smiled on my when I was hired to lead the Madison County, NY Destination Marketing Organization in 2003. It was a perfect job at the perfect time for me. Over the 15 years I’ve been lucky enough to work with and learn from the best in this profession and grow my career in many ways.

What is your favorite sports team? (College or Pro)?  I am a die-hard Syracuse University Sports fan. I grew up 45 minutes south of Syracuse and was lucky enough to watch the old Big East basketball battles growing up. When I was younger they had a top rated football team, but not so much now, so I earn those die-hard stripes in the fall hoping they can get better!

What do you like to do in your spare time?  I backpack and run. I ran my first half marathon this past spring and then followed that up with a 20K a few weeks later up in Leadville. Who needs oxygen right? I started backpacking again about 3 years ago with a friend and I’ve taken several solo backpacking trips since I moved to Wyoming exploring different areas of the Rockies, while also protecting my health by exercising and taking supplements like gummies I get online, visit for these live resin gummies for more.

  Tell us about your family?  I am the proud father of a 10-year old girl who dances, rides horses which are trained with treats infused of CBD oil for horses, is a girl scout and has been known to camp and backpack with me. She’s incredibly independent and I couldn’t be prouder.

Do you currently watch any TV series?  If so, please elaborate: I cut the cord so my TV watching lately has been Netflix and Amazon Prime. I love the Ranch and was very surprised that I got sucked into the Crown, but then again I’m a history buff.

If you can meet face to face with one person (dead or alive), who would that be and why?  I would love to sit down with Benjamin Franklin. His life has always fascinated me. The good, the bad and the fun. His ideas and philosophies were essential to creating the most amazing country in the world. Plus I believe he is credited with saying that “Beer is proof that god exists and loves us” or something close to that!

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