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January Member Spotlight

January 2018 Member Spotlight

Megan Finnell, CMP
Assistant Director, Meetings and Conferences

RMPCMA member since 2011

Why did you join RMPCMA? I wanted to meet the others in the industry in Denver.

What advice would you give a person just entering this profession? I would advise someone new to the industry to get involved. When I first came back to work after staying at home for a year with my daughter, I met with a respected industry individual to help find a foot in the door. This is the advice she gave me; she said the first step was to find a local chapter of an organization and get involved. I have found that RMPCMA has been an incredible asset through which I have been able to meet other planners facing the same challenges, bounce ideas off other seasoned industry veterans and most importantly, feel connected to the fabulous industry of which we get to be a part.

What is your favorite winter or summer activity and why? In the Summer I love to take walks with my daughter and play with her at the park. In the Winter, I love to ski!

What is one thing about yourself that no one knows? I’m currently trying to memorize the new Taylor Swift album to have on hand for karaoke.

What is your favorite all- time movie? Lord of the Rings Series! I like to watch is at least once a year!

Megan MartinJanuary Member Spotlight