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May Member Spotlight

Michael Kwiatkowski

Group Sales Manager – The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa

RMPCMA Member since 2017

Why did you join RMPCMA? I joined RMPCMA after a year of being a non-member joinging the Emerging Leaders events when the group (not an official committee at the time) was organized. As a brand new sales manager with hardly any connections, it was a great way to network and get me out of my comfort zone, and these connections I am happy to call my friends to this day.

What has been your favorite speaker or event with RMPCMA? My favorite event to-date with RMPCMA would be the Banjo Billy Bus Tour we did for Emerging Leaders in Boulder in 2016. What a great way to meet new people and see the town. We still talk about the event to this day!

What advice would you give to a person just entering this profession? My advice to a new hospitality salesperson would be to be patient and flexible. With patience, remember nobody starts at the top, everyone starts somewhere; those connections will develop organically and your own skill set will naturally develop with time. With flexibility, be willing to learn, unlearn, and the re-learn more than once; for example, what worked for a client’s agenda last year may not this year, the reporting style you learned at the start of your career may not be the most efficient a year from now.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Line-dance! You can find me every week at the Stampede!

If you aren’t a native, what brought you to Colorado? If you are a native…congratulations! I moved to Denver from Dallas about 10 years ago to go to Johnson & Wales- Denver and have stuck around ever since. No I cannot cook, just ask my fiance 🙂

Favorite vacation destination and why? A cruise! Not picky on the destination, warm weather and beaches is a classic. Love the great value it provides, one price to cover room, food, entertainment, and port costs. Great way to see a sample of lots of destinations in a short amount of time!

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