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2024 Board Slate

The RMPCMA nominating committee determined the final slate of 2024 Board Officers and Directors for open positions.

Unless there are additional nomination petitions from the membership, the following officers and directors will be deemed elected and will take office beginning January 1, 2024.

President | One-Year Term

Daniel Stones

President-Elect | One-Year Term

Deseri Martinez 

Immediate Past President | One-Year Term

Meredith Merrill

Director of All Hearts | 1st of Two-Year Term

Sheena Ortiz

Director of Communication | 1st of Two-Year Term

Ashley Montoya

Director of Community Engagement | 2nd of Two-Year Term

Terri Fisher 

Director of Community Service | 1st of Two-Year Term

Carter Dunham

Director of Emerging Leaders | 1st of Two-Year Term 

Dr. Godwin-Charles Ogbeide

Director of Membership | 2nd Year of Two-Year Term

Stephanie Pilakowski

Director of Programs | 2nd Year of Two-Year Term

Keisha Makonese

Director of Sponsorship | 2nd Year of Two-Year Term

Taylor Savage

Treasurer/Secretary | 2nd Year of Two-Year Term

Brittany Doyle

Please reach out to RMPCMA Admins at [email protected] for any additional slate nominations

Kala Travis2024 Board Slate