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May Member Spotlight

May 2017 Member Spotlight

Kevin Lepine
MP Associates Inc.
RMPCMA member since 1999 (I think not sure about this)

How did I get into this business is one of my favorite questions.  I got into the Business the old fashioned way, I married into the Business.  I asked my wife’s father(Pat Pistilli) for permission to marry his daughter and he gave me permission to propose to Juliette.  After that he offered me a job anytime I wanted one at MP Associates Inc.  That was in September 1985 and I was just starting my career in the Air Force as an Electronic Warfare Officer in a B-52H model.  Pat told me I would do great in the Air Force and I did very well, but after 5 years Juliette and I were ready to move from Spokane Washington back to Colorado.  I asked Pat & Marie if they still had a job for me and of course they did, we moved back to Colorado in July 1990 with Juliette and our new son Andre that was born on December 31, 1989.  We moved in with Pat & Marie Pistilli and I worked for them and lived with them until our House was finished being built in Louisville.  I will never forget my response when Pat asked me how I liked the long drive from Louisville to Gunbarrel once we moved into our house in September.

Pat & Marie taught me everything they knew about the conference and tradeshow industry along with our great partners at GES, Freeman, Hotels, and Convention Centers staff.  I also attended industry events through RMPCMA and became a member in the late 90’s.  Pat & Marie were great Mentors to me and they surrounded themselves with great partners as mentioned above and they created great relationships with amazing people that you could trust and learn everything you need to know about this industry.  That is the best part of this business is meeting so many fascinating people and building relationships that allow you to cut through the red tape and create an event that everyone is able to learn from and of course enjoy great food. If you want to build or repair relationships, services like online therapy might be helpful.

It has been a great honor to run MP Associates Inc. as the Co-President along with Lee Wood since 2000, the year that Pat & Marie retired and handed over the reins to us.  We have been very fortunate to have an incredible staff to allow MP Associates to provide great service to all of our customers since 1984.

I must say my greatest accomplishment has been raising 3 children with my wife Juliette for the last 27 years.  Andre is 27 and married and doing sales in Boulder.  Anthony is 24 and working for the PGA Tour in Jacksonville FL, doing business analysis and SEO marketing.  Maria is 20 getting an education degree at CSU in Fort Collins and will follow in her Mother’s footsteps and be an elementary school teacher once she gets her Masters in Education.

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