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The meetings industry is on a very different trajectory than it was 12 short months ago. The skills that got us here will not get us there. RMPCMA’s Re-Skill U has the degree programs and the industry experts to help make you successful!

Some of the topics of discussion may look very familiar, but the way we talk about them is shifting. Whether you want to get your major in A Better U, or the Future of Events, or a mix of courses from each, you can sign up to meet one-on-one with the experts who can answer your burning questions and get you ready for the road ahead.


Courses run throughout the day, so you can take a break from the main room and get some personalized education on the topics of your choice whenever you are scheduled to meet with your professor. Each course will have its own meeting room with socially distanced seating and a video monitor. Some professors are in-person at the Gaylord and others are joining us via Zoom for a hybrid experience. Each room is easily capable of transitioning to virtual presentation or attendance to allow for changing pandemic conditions and comfort levels.

Signing up:

To sign up for class in advance, please visit the topics in the mobile app and follow the link to the appropriate Google Form to select your time. Once onsite, we will have signs in the pre-function areas and outside the meeting rooms with QR codes that will open the registration form. Most classes are limited to about 15-20 minutes, with 5-10 minutes between available times, and only one attendee can sign up for each time. These steps allow for maximum social distancing within this live/hybrid environment.



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