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September Education Event

RMPCMA September Education Event
Reimagining the Audience Journey

Wednesday, September 8


Presented by Justin Boone

Justin Boone is a researcher, strategist and designer that has built a career working with some of the most notable and disruptive brands in modern history. His work includes narrative and experience architecture development, campaign strategy, creative direction, and content development for a wide range of applications. In 2020, Justin founded Untitled Future, a story-driven strategic marketing agency. The name Untitled Future stems from a direct acknowledgment that we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We can only control how we address today in hopes that our decisions will result in a positive impact on the world of tomorrow. The agency centers its work around exploring how brands, their products and services, make us feel, think and act—and finding new ways to imbue stronger meaning around those attributes through rich, compelling storytelling and experiences.

Reimaging the Audience Journey

The experience economy was a term that was all the rage prior to the pandemic. This time was considered the “heyday” for events and experiences, as well as experiential retail. But as the pandemic limited the potential for in-person gatherings, the concept of what was considered an experience significantly broadened. Post pandemic, we’ll be living in a truly experiential world where everything and anything can be considered an experience. This discussion will focus first on the human psychology behind why we both desire and need experiences in our lives, including the functional, behavioral, habitual, cultural, and ritualistic aspects to everyday and unforgettable experiences. We’ll then dive into the wide variety of tools that planners, designers, marketers and facilitators have at their disposal to reimagine the way they engage with audiences, resulting in a more robust audience journey and sustained engagement. When looking to learn how to better handle your business, check here this link which will direct you to a top-quality business reporting dashboard.

Learner outcomes:

  • Holistic perspective of the new definition of post-pandemic events and experiences
  • A new understanding of the emotional drivers that foster engagement
  • New tools for mapping a more robust audience journey for events and experiences
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