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RMPCMA Announces The Joy Drive for 2018

RMPCMA and partners Little Flower Assistance Center have teamed up for The 2018 Joy Drive!


Who is Little Flower?

Little Flower is a non-profit assistance center supported by caring volunteers who offer their time to help people in need as well as receiving support from  generous businesses, agencies, churches, and organizations in the community.

What does Little Flower do?

They provide assistance to Aurora and Northeast Metro residents who need help with food and clothing.  They also provide financial counseling for families and assist them in their job search by helping with resume writing, interviewing skills and leads to available jobs.  They also take on special projects like the Joy Drive for the community.

What is the Joy Drive?

This is the 18th Year that Little Flower has participated in the joy drive that makes gift boxes for 460 underserved students in the Original Aurora area.  The schools choose the neediest students to receive the boxes.  They serve 7 of the poorest schools in Aurora Public Schools as well as 60 students from the tutoring program at Colfax Community Network.

What is in a Joy Box?

Each Joy Box contains about 20+ donated or purchased items with each box worth $20 or more.  Examples are crayons, scissors, glue sticks, pencils, pens or markers; a coloring book or activity book; an age appropriate book to read; a hat, gloves or mittens, and socks; toothbrush and toothpaste; lip balm, shampoo or bodywash and ,of course, a toy and candy.  The 5th – 8th graders and seniors get a $5 gift card to a local fast food restaurant.  These gift cards alone cost us $400-500.

How can RMPCMA Help?

We will be having 4 drives over the course of the year at our programs to help fill the boxes.  You can help by bringing one of the items below or a donation for us to purchase items for the drive on behalf of RM PCMA to the following PCMA programs.

  April 19th Program- BOOKS appropriate for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First grade (no larger than 6” x 9” to fit in shoe box)

   July 12th Program – Deodorant or Shampoo for Kids (normal size 10 ounce bottles)

 September 21st  Program – Packs of 10 Markers or Kid’s Scissors

       December 6th Program – Word Searches for 9-13 Year-Olds or Coloring Books for 4-8 Year-Olds

 Boxes will be given to needy families during the Holiday Season!  

 Learn more about The Joy Drive by clicking our video!

Kelly KuceraRMPCMA Announces The Joy Drive for 2018