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October Member Spotlight

Matthew Kalb

Sales Manager – GES

RMPCMA Member since 2017

Why did you join RMPCMA?  I joined the RMPCMA mainly because I was new to the Denver area. I had just recently relocated from the DC Area, Annapolis to be specific, and I didn’t know anyone. I was starting a new job and had heard so many good things about PCMA that I knew it was the right time to get involved with my local chapter.

What advice would you give to a person just entering this profession?  My biggest advice for anyone just getting into the industry is to remember to breathe. Focus on one task at a time and never be afraid to ask for help. The people in this industry continue to surprise me with their “hospitality” every day. Go figure huh?

Can you share a life lesson that you have learned in this industry?  Remember to unplug. Work is not your life. It took me a long time to realize that there’s a huge difference in working hard and over working. We’re not saving babies here! Take time for yourself, family, and friends and recharge. Everything will still be there on Monday and take my advice to breathe.

What is your favorite winter or summer activity and why?  My favorite summer activity would have to be scuba diving. My dad got me into diving when I was young and I’ve been hooked ever since. My wife and I try to dive somewhere new every year and “chase” the coral reefs. No better feeling than breathing underwater and swimming next to beautiful coral and fish.

What is one thing about yourself that no one knows?  Anyone who came to the July Program might know this but, I grew up in a small town on the Chesapeake Bay back in Maryland and from the time I was 8 until 21 I use to be a deckhand on a commercial fishing boat. My family friends had a business and where I come from if you can pick up a crab pot you can work on the boat. It was hard work but nothing was better than being out on the bay when it was as flat as glass and crabs in the pot.

Favorite vacation destination and why?  My favorite vacation destination would have to be New Zealand. My wife and I traveled around the South Island for 10 days in a modified mini-van. We had to opportunity to dive with Great White Sharks, Helicopter through Fjords in Milford Sound, and even walk side-by-side wild penguins only found in New Zealand. If it didn’t cost a second mortgage to travel there, we’d go every year.

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