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November Member Spotlight

Bob Christie

President – Christie’s Photographic Solutions

RMPCMA Member since 2018

Why did you join RMPCMA?  I joined due to the wonderful experience I had with the PCMA Capital Chapter. I knew that by joining I have the opportunity to surround myself with quality, like-minded people, to network through.

What have you found to be most beneficial being a member of RMPCMA?  Meeting the local community

Have you attended the National Convention? If so, # of times and what did you enjoy most? I have been to Convene 2 times and love the opportunity for  multifaceted education and interaction with others dedicated to the industry

What advice would you give to a person just entering this profession? Listen, learn, and create genuine relationships

Can you share a life lesson that you have learned in this industry? Never burn your bridges

How did you get in this business and what attracted you to this business? I started as a photographer in Orlando doing anything I could get paid for to keep the lights on. Orlando is a prolific town for the meetings business and it was exciting as well as challenging and soon took over the business. Meeting and event photography is all we have done for 22 plus year!!

What is your favorite winter or summer activity and why? Boating in summer. It the fresh air and feel of freedom away from it all.

How long have you lived in Colorado and what do you like most about living here? I will live in Ft Collins as soon as they get my house built…aaarrgghh!! I have been coming to Colorado for 20 years and love it!! My in-laws live in Longmont.

What is your favorite book (business and/or pleasure)? What did you love about it? I am not much of a reader, if I am reading a book it usually means something is broken!! When I do read I enjoy books on unique sales techniques and philosophies.

What is your favorite sports team (college or pro)? Broncos for sure!

Favorite theater production? What did you love about it?  I recently went to a production on Hitchcocks “The Birds”. A weird and twisted version but fun and perfect for Halloween!

What do you like to do in your spare time?  I love boating and working in the yard. I have a bit of an adrenaline problem. I have been involved in powerboat ocean racing most of my life and have recently tamed it down to enjoy sports car road racing. Nothing takes your mind off of your concerns more effectively!!

Beloved holiday tradition? The quiet of a crackling fire.

Tell us about your family? I have a fantastic wife of 18 years named Lisa, she is a psychotherapist, does it get any better at the end of a challenging day?? I also have 2 children and 4 grandkids.

What is one thing about yourself that no one knows? I’m not tellin’!!

If you aren’t a native, what brought you to Colorado? If you are a native…congratulations!  The love of the mountains brought me here, family will keep me here…

Favorite vacation destination and why? Africa, hands down, The genuine value and nature of the people, their amazing.

What is your favorite all-time movie? Christmas Vacation.

Do you currently watch any TV Series? If so, please elaborate.  Not so much, some HGTV and some racing….

If you can meet face to face with one person (dead or alive), who would that be and why? A navy seal with multiple deployments, I feel there bravery and focus is unrivaled. Through my work I have been fortunate to be in private rooms with US presidents which I consider an honor to have had candid conversations about  their lives.

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