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December Member Spotlight

Scott Queen

Executive Meeting Manager – Sheraton Denver Downtown

RMPCMA Member since 2017

Why did you join RMPCMA?  I originally joined RMPCMA in an effort to revive the Student Chapter through Metropolitan State University of Denver. My professor, Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung, and I were determined to get more students involved in the association. We wanted to put an emphasis on the educational programming offered, as well as giving our students more networking opportunities. We currently have a strong presence at most of the RMPCMA meetings and events. Also, our student chapter was able to raise over $10,000 in funding to send eight students to last year’s Convening Leaders in Nashville. In addition, we have already seen three of our students get jobs in the hospitality field as a direct correlation from their involvement in the chapter. I am one of those three students after being introduced to Deseri Martinez at last year’s All Hearts fundraiser.

How did you get in this business and what attracted you to this business?  After deciding that I was going back to school to get my degree in Meeting and Event Management, my next step was to get some work experience. I asked several of my professors and mentors how to get my foot in the door of this dynamic industry. All of the answers kept coming back to hotels. So I started to work at the front desk of the Marriott that’s connected to MSU-D. After three months, I was promoted to supervisor and started to work closely with our banquet department on some key corporate events. Six months after that, I attended the All Hearts fundraiser where Megan Finnell introduced me to Deseri Martinez and the rest is history.  

I was attracted to this business because of my passion to serve people. The favorite part of my job is seeing a satisfied planner after a long and sometimes stressful conference. I just added CBD vape cartridges to their site which has helped me overtime with my anxiety. It’s awesome to be able to build a relationship with a planner over the course of their conference, and together produce a successful event. Adding and being a part of Tampa treatment program has also helped me greatly to cope with stress. You also have a golden opportunity to become a part of the top rated austin recovery program, which not only relaxes your mind, but also helps you stay away from drugs and alcohol, especially during stressful times.

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What is your favorite winter or summer activity and why?  My favorite winter activity hands down is snowboarding. I grew up riding in Oregon on Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor. I am very thankful that Colorado has so many great riding options. As far as summer activities, I love playing recreational sports. Over the last eight months I played in seven men’s softball leagues, kickball leagues, one dodge ball league, and one volleyball league.

How long have you lived in Colorado and what do you like most about living here?  I have been in Colorado for a little over four years now. I absolutely love it here. Being surrounded by friendly, athletic and outdoorsy people is where I feel most at home. But the main reason was the sunshine. Coming from the cold, wet, and cloudy Pacific Northwest has made me truly appreciate the incredible weather that this state has to offer.

What is your favorite sports team (college or pro)?  The NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers are my favorite sports team. Growing up they were the only professional sport that the state had. College football is also really big for me. I just traveled home last month for the Oregon vs. Oregon State “Civil War” game. Most of my fondest childhood memories involve playing or watching sports (not to mention I worked in Sports Radio for over five years), so sports has a very special place in my heart.  

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