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April Member Spotlight

Beth Croll

Director, Conferences and Events



  1. What have you found to be most beneficial being a member of RMPCMA? The relationships I’ve built with other members and learning from their experiences (successes and failures).  It’s gold.
  2. Can you share a life lesson that you have learned in this industry? Oh so many, but one that really stands out is watching a meeting professional veteran (20+ years with that employer) get pushed out of her job. While her methods may have been considered best practice many years prior, the world changed.  I was in my 20s then and it hit me like a ton of bricks how critical it is to constantly adapt to be relevant and to thrive in this rapidly-changing industry!
  3. How did you get in this business and what attracted you to this business? After I graduated college, I didn’t really know what career path to take.  When my sister graduated college, she took a temp job working for an association’s meeting department.  I learned about the industry from her and I was instantly hooked.  Most people say they fell into this industry, but I chose it.  From there I took event classes at a community college and volunteered for local CVB events to get my foot in the door.  It’s been an exhausting, but fun and rewarding ride!
  4. How long have you lived in Colorado and what do you like most about living here? After vacationing here most summers, we moved here in 2015 to lead a more active life style.  Those mountains are always calling and we love hiking or snowshoeing in them, while searching for wildlife!
  5. Favorite theater production?  What did you love about it?  Cabaret was the first musical I saw on Broadway, which just so happened to star John Stamos as the emcee.  The music was spectacular and I was star-struck, but what I loved most was the message of inclusivity and the power of the mind to make the most of your situation or see the good in people. The power of story-telling at its best.
  6. What is your favorite all-time movie? Dirty Dancing!
  7. Do you currently watch any TV Series? If so, please elaborate.  I recently discovered Amazon Prime Video and my new favorites there are The Man in the High Castle and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


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