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2023 Board Slate

The RMPCMA nominating committee determined the final slate of 2023 Board Officers and Directors for open positions.
Unless there are additional nomination petitions from the membership, the following officers and directors will be deemed elected and will take office beginning January 1, 2023.

President | One Year Term

Daniel Stones

*President- Elect | One Year Term

Seat Open

Past- President | One Year Term

Meredith Merrill

Director, All Hearts | Two Year Term

Penny Bergsten

Director, Communication | Two Year Term

Ashley Montoya

Director, Emerging Leaders | Two Year Term

Inna Soifer

Director, Golf | Two Year Term

Seat Open

Director, Membership| Two Year Term

Seat Open

Director, Programs | Two Year Term

Keisha Makonese

Director, Sponsorship | Two Year Term

Taylor Savage

**Treasurer/Secretary | Two Year Term

Brittany Doyle

Please reach out to RMPCMA Admins at [email protected] for any additional slate nominations

*Bylaws are being rewritten to establish an executive committee, made up of not less than 2 RMPCMA members to act collectively as one voice in all matters otherwise requiring decision from a vacant presidential (president, president-elect, past president) seat on the board. In cases of a tie vote or disagreement between executive committee members, the active president will act as the deciding vote. In cases where the executive committee is acting on behalf of the preseident seat, the tie vote falls first to president-elect, then pas president, then majority board vote. Active board members may not be on the executive committee unless all other options have been exhausted and with unanimous board approval.

**Bylaws are being rewritten to combine these two board roles into one seat, starting in 2023. This new seat will only act as a single board member for voting purposes.

Kala Travis2023 Board Slate